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We believe in what we do and would like to support you with what you need. Therefore, we customize our training approach to your individual language requirements and goals. Multi Lingua is specialized in finding innovative and creative solutions and can offer you the kind of cooperation that enables a smooth implementation. If you are looking for new learning paths as well as creative and personalized approaches to accomplish your language goals, our team will surprise you with unique solutions.

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Take Flexible German and English Classes

  • Online worldwide
  • In person on site
  • Blended worldwide and on site

Select from a Variety of Programs 

  • All ages
  • One-to-one or small groups
  • All language levels
  • Various technical languages
  • Exam preparation

Master your Reading and Writing

  • Reading and spelling training
  • Dyslexia therapy
  • Literacy training
  • All ages
  • German and English